Charmed by Bath

A city with the romantic charm of the Jane Austen novel, surrounded by Georgian architecture, time-travel feeling and a Roman aura, Bath offers every visitor the experience they are seeking.

The city was founded in 1AD and is the only place in the UK where the entire city is a designated UNESCO world heritage site.

Here are a few of the things that make Bath an exciting day trip:

Walking along the Pulteney Bridge

The bridge is on the River Avon overlooking the water weir below. From a distance itself, the sound of the weir draws you towards the bridge. The views are beautiful in addition to exploring cafes and shops on both sides of the bridge. It has also featured in a fair share of award winning movies, which definitely adds to its grandeur.

Time-Travel with the Roman Era

Situated in the heart of the city are the Roman Baths. They are built around the natural hot springs. You can walk around the complex at two levels and snap some beautiful pictures on the baths and abbey and learn more about history via artifacts in the museum space. Some artists dressed as ancient Romans will help, indulge you in the full experience. For an unforgettable escapade, end the trip, relaxing in the mineral-rich waters in the Thermae Day Spa’s rooftop pool.

After you are done with the Roman Baths, just stroll around the Bath Abbey.

Walking around the abbey truly dazzles with its gothic architecture, intricate stonework, and beautiful stained glass windows. There is an un-missable aura of tranquillity in the air. The views are beautiful in the day but shine out with the lights at night.

When we speak of night, the city doesn’t fail to offer exciting nightlife. It’s a student city and is bustling with young energy all around.
The best way to soak the vibe is to bar hop and wind up with a delicious meal.

A few of the bars that I would recommend for their cocktails and snacks are BE AT ONE Bath, Dark Horse, for a filling Doner it would be BODRUM BBQ and for the fish and chips, the Garrick’s Head.

If you decide to stay over for the night and just want to wander the streets at your own pace and are not in a hurry to catch a train, I would recommend staying at the Henrietta House Hotel. It is a beautiful boutique property just walking distance from the Pulteney bridge and the rest of the city center.

Also one main reason to stay back, would be the highly recommended breakfast at the famous Sally Lunn’s Historic Eating House & Museum. The place gets packed real quick, as it is a prime tourist spot, so getting there early would be a good choice. If you feel safe sticking to the traditional stuff, you can order an English Breakfast Bunn and a Cafetière & Cinnamon Butter Bunn. I have to say, you won’t be disappointed.
The perfect end to the winter day trip would be a ray of sunshine, a cup of hot chocolate overlooking the river Avon, shopping for a few souvenirs, and a crisp walk to the train station.

Hope the winter’s don’t dampen your travel spirit and you don’t miss this beautiful day trip to Bath when in the UK.

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