“The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your DREAMS”- Oprah

Couldn’t agree more!!!
Travelling to your Dream Destinations definitely is a big part of living a Dream Life for me…
So for those who know me closely know that i have wanted to visit Russia since i was a kid.. Something about the Unique and Colorful Architecture always enticed me..
I was so swayed that i even learnt Russian for 3 years from the age of 9 to 12…
So Yes, i can read and write Russian and with a bit of brushing up, even have some conversations…

The plan was set in my head for years.. i just had to fine tune it with a bit of realistic bookings to take that flight!!!

The Visa process is a bit different from the other countries, in the sense that instead of only hotel/accommodation bookings attached with other travel documents, we need to organize for a document called “Tourist Voucher”. Often, this you can get from the property you are staying at and they charge you a fee (varies) which gets waived when you stay with them. On the other hand, some properties such as apartments do not have the capacity to organize such documentation and you will need to share you stay bookings with an agency which will send you the Voucher. I did it through ivisa.ru and they charged me about USD 32. An important point to note, you will be granted your visa for the exact number of days as per your travel voucher details, so a tip, do the booking for a bit longer if you are unsure of your itinerary.

Submitting the documents to VFS and getting the visa stamped within a week, was a rather easy process, with a damage of USD 65-70.

With the Visa in the Passport, Tickets Booked, Accommodations Set,  All sorts of Wardrobe Packed (unpredictable Russian weather in the month of May), Money exchanged…i was more than excited to begin my exploration!!!20190518_163936-01

Check out the details about MOSCOW, RUSSIA…


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