Moscow – Day 1

I will skip the Immigration drill and move on to the City Scene…

We were greeted with bright sunshine and cool breeze… perfect for walking around…

We had booked our hotel in an area called Arbat. It is very vibrant with loads of restaurants, bars, grocery and cafe’s open until wee hours of the morning. We had an early morning flight from Baku to Moscow, so we took some leisure time to freshen up and then head out full swing. We picked up some Pizza to go and then treated with some wonderful street performers doing everything from Singing, Dancing, Playing Instruments to Painting Portraits and City Landscapes…

Arbat, Moscow

The Nikolskaya Street was shimmering with the hanging decorations, looking incredible both during the day and at night. This street connects the Red Square with Lubyanka.

Today was all about just casually strolling through the streets and soaking in the city vibes… covered the full city pretty much on foot.
Our main aim today, was to join the group for Pub Crawl starting at

20190518_205341-018.30pm, which was a good 45mins distance from Nikolskaya Street.

We began our walk and with few distractions along the way.. many photostops later, as expected we missed our meeting time 🙂 and eventually just reached the Chehvoskaya area. Taking this as our chance to be adventurous, we just walked into an alley and discovered a very pretty and quaint bar.

The Place was pretty and the Drinks were Prettier… I got myself a refreshing Lavender Gin Drink :).. i must say i was not disappointed…

Tripadvisor and Foursquare advised us to head to Kamchatka for a Drink and listened!!! It is located in the bustling Kuznetsky Street. The food was good and they brew their own Beer, so trying that was a must… The bar is underground with a tiny dance space just by its side. Done with the dinner and drinks we stepped out to watching young and old couples swaying to some romantic russian tunes…

The weather was perfect for a light cardigan and slow walk through the shinning streets to end the day!!!

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