Moscow- Day 2


This is what we came for….

The Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Red Square and The Kremlin…

By Day 2 we had figured that this city works a lot on Cash. Cards are widely accepted at F&B joints but at large, the locals prefer transactions by cash. It was a bright morning with shy clouds doing sashay and it pretty much remained the same through the day!!!

We entered the Red Square and the first thing that caught my eye was the State History Museum. The Facade was so beautifully Red! The Museum exhibits relics from pre-historic tribes that resided on the present day Russian Territory.


The photomania started from this point itself. It was almost impossible to resist using it as a backdrop and capturing it in a frame. Safe to say – “do it for the gram” đŸ™‚

By the way Entry to the Red Square is free, but you have to individually pay to enter the Museum, Cathedral or the Kremlin.

With an upcoming concert, we had to go up and really close to the St. Basil’s Cathedral to appreciate its vibrant colors and the varied shaped cones. It is truly one of Russia’s more recognizable symbols. I could hardly contain my excitement to see the structure as you can see below, i was almost flying!!!!

Like most marvels of architecture, it too has a story of artists who were blinded post completion of the Cathedral.
Jumping around for sure made us hungry!!!

We headed to a restaurant called Hisnik (recommended by a friend) to calm the hungry tummy growls with some delish and wholesome Burgers. I had some Batata Fries, a glass of House Rose and “Silence of the Lambs” (yah! thats what my burger was called).

Then we continued our charade to explore the Kremlin, entrance was about USD 11.
The highlight here was the residence of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the beautiful garden with vivid colored Tulips…

President’s official residence

Also at the prominent Heart of the Kremlin is the Cathedral Square which is surrounded by Cathedrals, exhibition halls and the one Pillar Chamber of the Patriach’s Palace. Not to miss, the art and architecture can be marveled for hours!

Soon after our wonderful and tiring exploration of the Kremlin and the Red Square we retired for the day…

Continuing the Russia Trip in St. Petersburg



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