Will I miss the Lockdown/Quarantine?

As we are living the reality of the unexpected and unfortunate Global Coronavirus Pandemic, we must act responsibly and follow the instructions to help contribute in our small way to eradicate this infectious disease.


We easily postpone things and chores with a comfortable excuse of – “I have no time” / “I have better things to do”.

The Lockdown or Quarantine life has given us the time and opportunity to do things that we take for granted in our busy routines!

Life right now = (Cook -> Clean -> Chill -> Sleep) ^ Repeat

I have been rather productive during my stay at home time with:

  1. Working from home
  2. Cooking some delicious recipes
  3. Cleaning every corner of the house and decluttering
  4. Indulging in self care – nourishing the Hair and Skin
  5. Catching up on the series/ movies I’ve wanted to watch for a while
  6. Connecting and having refreshing conversations with friends and family from around the globe
  7. Trying to learn a new language
  8. Listening to music, Playing games, Sketching, Reliving my travels through old pictures
  9. Sharing my thoughts/ experiences on my Blog (finally started working on it)
  10. Celebrating occasions virtually
  11. Sleeping well

Saying this, I cannot wait for Things to Normalize, constantly humming the song by Michael Jackson…

Heal the world
Make it a better place
For you and for me
And the entire human race…

I feel blessed to have the luxury of staying home, being able to care for myself and having loved ones around to share my feelings with. I will continue to use this opportunity to rejuvenate and prepare for what lies ahead of us. Nonetheless, I will miss this time in many ways!

For now Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Do things that make you Happy!

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