A day in Oslo became my Tattoo Story…

Every Tattoo has a story….
(read till the end)

During our ongoing Eurotrip in 2016 we decided to use Oslo (Norway) as a 24hour layover. We had our main luggage in transit so with just a carry on each we decided to take the train to our hotel. It was a direct trip from Oslo Lufthansa to Oslo Central Station. Our hotel was a short 9mins walk from there. The check-in was smooth with key in an automated kiosk (just punch in a code and get access).

To make most of the time we had in hand, we quickly freshened up and
stepped out towards the waterfront area. Our plan for the city was to simply walk around and stop to explore if anything looks exciting.
Doing just that we found ourselves with a lazy option of a 2 hour boat ride (USD 36 per person) to just soak in the breeze and see what Oslo has to offer from a distance (for next time).

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After our strolls – stopping at parks and grabbing some yummy ice-cream we reached our hotel for power rest (20minutes) before we planned to head out for an early dinner.

Just as we were relaxing there began an unusual conversation:
Kav (my husband) ; Mav (me)
Kav – Do you want to get a tattoo?
Mav – Aahhh, where did that come from. So Random!
Kav – Tell Na..
Mav – Well, Ive always wanted to get inked but you don’t like tattoos na?
Kav – Yah not on me, but you should do it, if it makes you happy! You want to get one done now?
Mav – (In my head – he’s just teasing, don’t fall for his prank)
Mav – Yah sure! Let’s do this!
Kav – You have 5 minutes to get ready and prepared, there is a tattoo parlor 40m from our hotel, let’s go there and get you a souvenir.
Mav – Woahhhhh… what just happened! Like he’s serious! But, ah I’m not ready you know mentally and physically (it hurts).

5 minutes later we are walking towards the tattoo parlor…
We entered and I am overwhelmed by the intricate and huge tattoo designs pasted all over the place. I didn’t have the heart to tell the artist that I wanted something veryyy small (she might even do it in her sleep).

She told us she is busy for the next half an hour as a client is due any minute for his session and I should come back with a design in mind in 30mins.

I was not sure what I wanted! I mean! It wanted one but I was chicken to the thought of it hurting so much!

Back to the conversation:
Kav – Fast… you don’t have time, figure what you want quick
Mav – Are you kidding me? I want Plane, Quote, Puppy, Globe, Passport and ahh I don’t know many more things.
Mav– My Brain froze and I decided to choose one that I would want the most…
Mav – Ok! I am ready! Let’s go…

30mins later – eager, nervous and skipping a heart beat I’m sitting on the chair across the tattoo artist ready to drill my skin!

Literally all this anxiety for 15minutes and boom.. I had my souvenir stamped on my hand!

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Headed back to the hotel with my “Wanderlust”, Smile from ear to ear (because hey I’m cool and It actually didn’t hurt so much) and with a pocket 1200NOK lighter (USD 115).

We just ordered in the dinner, as once the local anesthesia was wearing off my hand did start to hurt a little bit.

Tattoo Care:
1. No pain killers for at least a week
2. No sun exposure for a month
3. Keep the tattoo area extremely moisturized as it dries up real quick
4. Wax the area after a month (if you need to)
5. No laser (hair removal) can be done on this area

Mind you they are addictive… I can’t wait to get my next one!

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