Liechtenstein – the tiny European country

Few months ago I was in Switzerland for quick trip for work.
I planned to stay the weekend with my aunt who lives in Schaffhausen, so on a Saturday night I took a train to her from Zurich (1 hour journey).

We decided to explore an offbeat European Charm the next morning and did a bit of research on what can be seen and done in Liechtenstein.
Learnt some rather amusing facts:
1. It is the fourth smallest country in Europe and sixth smallest country in the World, with an area of about 160sqm.
2. It is cozily nestled between Austria and Switzerland.
3. Only country in the world with 100% of its territory in the Alpines.
4. The country has no army since the year 1868.

There were many more interesting things about the nation so tiny!

Concluded that we could spend about 3-4hours comfortably walking around the city and grabbing a meal before I was to be dropped off in Zurich.

Sunday morning came with the crisp skies, cool breeze and beautiful sunshine. Filled in with some delicious breakfast and lots of information we pinned the must see things and began our drive to Vaduz (1.5hours car ride).


The alps were visible at their stunning best and as we drove into Vaduz, we could see some fresh snow on the upper roads inviting us to pay them a visit. You can see below that we listened to the calling and were greeted by these breathtaking views of snow clad peaks all around. We even got to jump around and have some fun in the snow (you can tell by our smiles, we did make most of it).

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After soaking in some beautiful scenery, we came back into the main city of Vaduz and visited:
1. The Iconic “Red House” – it is located in the Mitteldorf area of Vaduz and is famous for its vibrant color and unique gabled stained structure with a living quarters tower.
2. Vaduz Castle – it is the official residence and palace of the Prince of Liechtenstein. It overlooks the modern capital of Vaduz from up above. (we didn’t go inside due to time constraints)
3. St. Florin Cathedral
4. St. Joseph’s Parish Church in Triesenberg on the way to Vaduz
5. Just admired the city views from a local football ground

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The city boasts numerous museums which are a must visit based on your interest – such as the National Museum, Postal Museum and Kunst Museum. We left those detailed visits for a more leisurely transit.

As we were running out of time for the trip, we decided the grab a quick meal at the Amarone restrobar near Kunstmuseum and pick up my magnetic souvenir 🙂
Liechtenstein is the second least visited country in Europe!
It doesn’t have much to offer from a tourism point of view but it is an easy include if you are driving between Switzerland and Austria, check it out on your next trip!

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