These times are unusual!

These times are unusual…
The world has come together in the fight against an invisible enemy…
Staying at home is the staying safe necessity!
Things at home seem a little too much, since we are now cleaning ourselves…
Clothes in the wardrobe seem like they don’t belong to us!!!
Didn’t know we had the capability to cook world cuisines…
Masking ourselves is like embracing superpowers to go get groceries…
Some people honed new talents…
Others were happy resting all the while…
Videos calls is the new socializing norm…
WhatsApp memes are everyday relatability form…
What series are you binging on today?!
Is the new question of conversations
In the forced silence the birds chirping became the sound of music…
The nature replenished and rejuvenated with the pollution diminished…
Those who head out to work in these times are jealous of the ones resting at home.
On the hind side people at home are counting the opportunities that are gone.
We are free but, still busy the whole day…
Positivity in the good or bad is looking at things in the new way…
People have lost dear ones who won’t be around any longer…
Distant relationships have gotten much stronger..
It’s not all good but there is still a learning!
Kids home-schooling has become the time-together families have been yearning..
Doctors and nurses are today’s frontline warriors…
Saying this can’t wait for times to get better and all this a story of yesteryears!
Mission today is to get out of the lockdown.
Will we go out?? will still receive its constant frown!
These times are unusual…

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