Mother’s (every)Day


5C32ACCF-B0B5-4FD9-8E44-3CE9F849A7B9She should be celebrated 365 days of a year but there is one day where we can make her feel extra special.. Mother’s Day!
Happy Mother’s Day to all wonderful cape-free hero’s out there…

A little something I’d like to share about my mom…

You go out and she has hit the panic button already, there is no sign of sleep till you don’t come back. You need to get a piece of her mind about how late you are! Its almost like a lullaby for her to finally rest for the day.

She sends you WhatsApp forwards which speak about sharing emotions, loving and being there for your family – what she secretly wants is you not to reply or react to the message with an emoticon but to pick up your phone and give her a call.

Once you are married, occasionally (usually around weekends and holidays), a subtle video of an adorable baby doing his/her thing will be passed on. It means, I hope to hear some good news about being a grandparent soon.

Every disagreement at home ends up with a statement “you will realize once you become a parent”.

On low days, when you don’t want to talk to anyone about anything, your favorite meal will just appear to cheer you up. All this unsaid but only expressed. She can just somehow always feel it…

“Pampering yourself” is a concept that doesn’t exist in her dictionary. Getting some family time and sharing heartfelt conversations is therapy enough for her!

We fight/argue everyday and off course 99% of the time she is the one whose right but that 1% is her rebel baby trying hard to prove her point…

She can’t wait for you to grow up and then again, she can’t stop missing your childhood memories every day!

WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram are all her playground now. Rarely will she upload any content or share any information, but boy – name a person and the stalk report is ready, detailed on point. (PS – my mom is still not e-social on fb and insta)

“Games Queen” is what I refer her to – be it any occasion, she has a game ready for all age groups and if you are the winner (in her case almost all will win something) she’s always prepared with a gift.

Her shopping trips end up with more stuff for the husband, daughters and puppy.

Playing at arcades, is like instant redemption to being childlike forever!

She just knows all the recipes by heart – like How? How can you always remember the quantity of things that goes into every damn dish! Every time I cook I need to call her or look up a YouTube video.

Any city/country has an issue and she happens to read about it or worse see on the news channel – a strict Life Travel Ban is applied for us! (well, we don’t always listen right?)

The warmest and most comforting hugs are hers – forever and always!

Her support to achieve things is more like a driving factor of my motivation…

The positivity she exudes is infectious…

I can go on and on.. afterall its mom’s we’re talking about…

She is LOVE| She is a FRIEND| She is an INSPIRATION

Blessed to have gotten a mother-in-law who makes me feel the same…

4 thoughts on “Mother’s (every)Day

  1. Awesome write up! Gr8 way to honor your mom. I feel she is blessed to have daughters like u. You girls are honest to the core thanks to her upbringing .
    Keep writing!

    Liked by 1 person

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