Singapore Times

A City that I can safely call my second home!

During the last couple of years, I have, on many occasions explored this wonderful Asian gem in all its glory!

It is truly a “Quick Treat from India” and a refreshing “Short Break away from the Middle East”.

The best part about the city is that you can plan your itinerary as it suits you and there isn’t really a recommendation! It has an overall relaxed and chill vibe so overstaying at few spots is pretty natural…

Few of my favorite spots and things to do have been:

    undefinedLittle India is an Ethnic District located on the east side of Singapore River. It is also known as “Tekka” in the Singaporean Community. The busy streets along the Serangoon Road and the Race Course Road are filled with Tailors, Temples, Jewellery Stores, Restaurants, and malls. One of the iconic landmarks is the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple. The temple is adorned with intricate statues of Hindu Deities. On the hip side, filled with quirky cafes is the Jalan Besar area. Mustafa Mall is another crowd pulling element in the area. I am not so sure if it is purely for economical shopping or just for a must-visit tour but the mall is pretty full – all the time!


    The two highlights of this place are “The Chinatown Food Street” serving traditional  meals Satay, Chicken, Rice, etc, and the Ornate “Buddha Tooth Relic Temple”. It is a maze of intertwining streets bustling with vendors selling Souvenirs, Jewelry Kiosks, Clothes, Toys, Arts, and Crafts. A good place to bargain and get home some souvenirs too..

    Some Properties are Hotels and Some are Icons! Marina Bay Sands definitely is a gem on the Singapore Skyline.
    The highlight of the hotel is the rooftop pool offering sweeping views of the city!
    An hour or two can easily be spent just sipping some Wine and taking a dip in the pool…


Located in the Kampong Glam neighborhood is the quirky street called Haji Lane.
It is filled with boutique stores and middle eastern cafes. A bright and Fun Backdrop
for those lovely selfies! Best visited in the day when you see all the colors around you pop!



The national symbol of Singapore is the Merlion. A Fish body that tells the tale of Singapore’s humble beginnings as Temasek – a Fishing Village and The Lion Head represents the original name of the city as Singapura.

The Harbour area is a must-see for any visitor to the city and there is a lot of ways you can enjoy the area – Snap pictures with some funky poses (drinking water from the Merlion’s mouth), Riding along the Singapore River on a boat and be it day or night – just admire the beauty of the bay area. 


Sentosa Island Resort offers a variety of attractions and activities for a perfect day away from the mainland and is connected via road, cable car, pedestrian boardwalk, and  even monorail. Some exciting things to do on the Island are – Relax around the Palawan Beach and indulge in food and drinks as you chill. Experience the thrill of the Skyline Luge ride – do as many laps as you please :), climb up the Sentosa Merlion and peak out of his mouth for some gorgeous panoramic views of the island and finally Go CRAZY at Universal Studios – bring out the inner child and jump on every ride, get yourself cartooned with a caricature, enjoy the parades and again eat some delicious junk!


A man-made nature park spanned over 101 hectares of greenery in the central region of Singapore. The parks boasts numerous attractions and homes over 1,500,000  plants. The park is made up of three gardens – The East Garden, The South Garden and The Central Garden. The space has cooled conservatories and outdoor gardens which would take between two to four hours to leisurely explore. Best times to visit are morning and evening when it’s cooler and one can enjoy a light show after dark too.


It is synonymous with nightlife of Singapore. Primly situated by the Singapore river, it is famous for its vibrant buildings and a bustling scene in the evening. There are a variety of waterside restaurants and bars to choose from. Be sure to enjoy delicious food and some great music. 


FB_IMG_1594629441392 (1) Singapore Night Safari houses over 900 animals divided into six zones via a guided tram ride and end it with the nocturnal animal show. I have to say I enjoyed this experience a lot when I was a kid but over the years I have become fond of seeing the animals in the wild and when I visited the night safari during the last trip I was a bit underwhelmed. Though if you have kids, they will definitely enjoy it.

There are so many more attractions that this small city has to offer such as the Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Flyer, Fountain of Wealth, shop around the rich Orchard Road, and the economical Bugis Street. Don’t forget to drink some Kopi and Tiger Beer. The chili crab, laksa and satay are must-have food too…

if you know more or have recommendations, feel free to share them :). I’m sure I will be heading back to the city again..soon..

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